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    I manage the entire organization, make strategic decisions, ensure financial success, and represent the company to stakeholders. Safeguarding the image and reputation is a constant priority for me.
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      I have 20 years of experience in the banking sector, eight of which were in front-office customer service, and twelve years in administrative and accounting offices. In the past two years, I have specialized as a Chief Accountant and Chief Finance Officer.
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      • We are versatile: we offer customized solutions as well as platforms as a service
      • We are smart: we start all processes with a lean design and end with an efficient implementation, without ever taking our eyes off the constant evolution of DLT technologies
      • We are multidisciplinary experts: we combine undisputed technological expertise with knowledge of business processes, market studies and business development.

      Blockchain Pro was born with a specific mission: to offer automated & customizable solutions that support multiple sectors, ensuring quality and scalability, generating economic value at the service of a company that prefers ethics and reliability. BlockchainPro is a responsible disseminator of a new culture that allows companies to innovate easily.

      • More reliability: A blockchain cannot be shut down or stopped. Data, information and documents are shared in real time. The decentralization and mathematical algorithms that regulate the functioning of the blockchain prevent their removal, replacement and subsequent modification. The system has a degree of transparency and reliability never seen before.
      • More security: In blockchain every operation is visible and traceable. Instead of having a central server, transactions are recorded simultaneously on thousands of independent nodes, distributed around the world. Each of them holds an identical copy of the record. If one of the nodes were violated or subjected to external manipulation, it would be excluded because its registry copy would be inconsistent with the others. Access to the registry is regulated by double public/private key encryption, impossible to guess.
      • More efficiency: The data shared via blockchain is available and usable in real time. Sending, checks and reconciliation procedures are avoided. Smart contracts automate many operations making them much faster, cheaper and less prone to errors.

      Our consulting process involves a detailed analysis of objectives and needs, working closely with the client. We analyze current processes, identifying strengths and weaknesses and evaluating how to effectively integrate the blockchain. We evaluate the technical and implementation requirements, identifying appropriate solutions, and define an implementation road map taking into account specific needs, technological solutions and implementation requirements.