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Not even a hacker can violate the guarantee of immutability of our product!
Give legal value to your documents and protect intellectual property from fraud and default!
2 million certified documents from more than 5000 satisfied customers!
Join the more than 5,000 professionals and companies who have chosen to notarize and sign securely and reliably on Blockchain
Verba volant, BlockFy manent
Say goodbye to clutter and embrace simplicity: Blockfy guarantees you total control and integrity of your documents. You will have at your disposal a single platform that contains everything you need for email, Dropbox, DocuSign and many other obsolete certifications!
1. Upload any file in an instant from your device
Just drag and drop and you have everything available, always and with disaster recovery protection.
2. The file is notarized in the blockchain
With our tamper-proof notarization, each of your files becomes a digital original, with a certificate that guarantees its integrity on 6 different blockchains, including Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, TON, Solana. You no longer have to worry about your documents being counterfeited!
3a. Applies a graphic signature to the file

Don’t waste time with the traditional signature: sign your files with maximum security and convenience thanks to our digital signature

3b. Apply a video biometric signature to the file

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it makes a comparison between an uploaded identity document and the recorded video, becoming incorruptible and non-repudiable

Less than a minute separates you from the certification and protection of your documents
You may never have thought about it, but sharing your contracts via traditional methods like email or fax can expose them to tampering and fraud.

Indeed, when you share a copy of the original file, you lose control of the document and someone could modify it without your consent, violating the agreements you have established. Thanks to our product, you will prevent any attacker from signing for you and you will be able to be sure of the identity of the person signing the contract on the other side of the screen. This way, you’ll avoid the risk of future renegations of the agreement and you can rest easy knowing that your contracts are legitimately signed and protected from tampering or fraud.

Certificate of authenticity

For every document you upload to our platform, you will get a certificate that is securely stored in the cloud and validated using blockchain technology. You will be able to view and download your certificate at any time.

The latter will contain detailed information about your document, including the date and time it was uploaded, any changes made since, the identity of who signed the document and certification of all activity performed on it (such as downloads, shares and views).

A simple certification can save your company's financial statements
Here are the cost items that will be indirectly restored to your income statement, thanks to the purchase of BLOCKFY
The price of bureaucracy: wasted economic resources

Excessive bureaucracy within a company can lead to a significant waste of economic resources. The presence of bureaucratic procedures slows down decision-making processes, increases management costs and requires a large amount of human and financial resources to manage.

In addition, procedures often require verification of multiple permits and approvals, slowing project execution times and increasing labor costs.

Computer crimes: the real threat that dwells every day

Cybercrimes pose a nefarious and terrifying threat to businesses. They can damage your company’s reputation, resulting in lost customers and business contracts, and consequently, a decrease in revenue. Additionally, these attacks can result in the theft of sensitive information, such as personal data or intellectual property, which can be used for illicit purposes, such as identity theft or the sale of confidential information to third parties.

The dark abyss of legal disputes

Litigation poses a sinister and frightening threat to businesses. In addition to posing financial and reputational damage, they bring with them a large amount of dark and disturbing expenses, which can cast a dark shadow over the company.

If the dispute drags on for an extended period of time, the company risks falling into an abyss of darkness and horror, where the cost of justice is measured in blood and tears.

Our Membership Programs
Free Start


  • BlokFy free Start includes:
  • 50 MB download limit
  • 3 biometric video signatures/year
  • 1 verified user identities
  • Unlimited graphic signatures
  • Unlimited sharing

€ 99,99

  • All the benefits of Free Start, plus:
  • 500 MB download limit
  • 6 biometric video signatures/year
  • 1 verified user identities
  • Unlimited graphic signatures
  • Unlimited sharing

€ 499,00

  • All the benefits of Standard, plus:
  • 2 GB download limit
  • 5 biometric video signatures/year
  • 3 verified user identities
  • Priority customer support
  • In-app notifications

€ 1.299,00

  • Tutti i vantaggi di Professional, più:
  • 100 GB limite di download
  • 10 biometric video signatures/year
  • 10 verified user identities
  • Complete log on file history
  • Password protected documents

*VAT excluded

*VAT excluded

*VAT excluded

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  • We are versatile: we offer customized solutions as well as platforms as a service
  • We are smart: we start all processes with a lean design and end with an efficient implementation, without ever taking our eyes off the constant evolution of DLT technologies
  • We are multidisciplinary experts: we combine undisputed technological expertise with knowledge of business processes, market studies and business development.

Blockchain Pro was born with a specific mission: to offer automated & customizable solutions that support multiple sectors, ensuring quality and scalability, generating economic value at the service of a company that prefers ethics and reliability. BlockchainPro is a responsible disseminator of a new culture that allows companies to innovate easily.

  • More reliability: A blockchain cannot be shut down or stopped. Data, information and documents are shared in real time. The decentralization and mathematical algorithms that regulate the functioning of the blockchain prevent their removal, replacement and subsequent modification. The system has a degree of transparency and reliability never seen before.
  • More security: In blockchain every operation is visible and traceable. Instead of having a central server, transactions are recorded simultaneously on thousands of independent nodes, distributed around the world. Each of them holds an identical copy of the record. If one of the nodes were violated or subjected to external manipulation, it would be excluded because its registry copy would be inconsistent with the others. Access to the registry is regulated by double public/private key encryption, impossible to guess.
  • More efficiency: The data shared via blockchain is available and usable in real time. Sending, checks and reconciliation procedures are avoided. Smart contracts automate many operations making them much faster, cheaper and less prone to errors.

Our consulting process involves a detailed analysis of objectives and needs, working closely with the client. We analyze current processes, identifying strengths and weaknesses and evaluating how to effectively integrate the blockchain. We evaluate the technical and implementation requirements, identifying appropriate solutions, and define an implementation road map taking into account specific needs, technological solutions and implementation requirements.